Hellboy commission

Hellboy and Lobster Johnson by Zach Howard

Pacific Rim: Blackout

Out this week!

Star Trek Mirror War

Cover by Zach Howard

Pacific Rim: Blackout

Arrive this month!


See you on 2022

Iron Giant

The Iron Giant by Zach Howard

Dark Leo

Dark Leo by Zach Howard


Catwoman by Zach Howard


Hulk by Zach Howard


Rain test

Inktober 20

Calvin & Hobbes

Inktober 19

The Slag Brothers

Inktober 17

The Thing

Inktober 16

Two Face

Inktober 13

Alligator Loki

Inktober 12

Iron Man

Inktober 11


Inktober 08


Inktober 07

Howl's moving Castle

Inktober 05

Gamorrean Guard

Electrocante cover

New book of Boris Quercia

Inktober 02

The Max Rebo Band

Inktober 01

The Elephant Man

Batman Day 2021

And Batmobiles

Original Art for Sale

Original Art for Pacific Rim: Blackout

TMNT issues

TMNT issues arrived yesterday from IDW

Pacific Rim: Blackout

First pages of Pacific Rim: Blackout from Legendary Comics.

Cancel the Apocalypse

Pacific Rim: Blackout